Individual workflow Approvals become even more convenient!

Two new functions in the Workflow Approvals area simplify the internal workflow for Projects, Purchase Invoice and Purchase Orders. Firstly, "Detailed information in workflow messages" provides a new dialog box with numerous relevant data (e.g. for purchase orders: name, number, manager, initiator, supplier, etc.) and all detailed information on the items (e.g. quantity, name, discount, price, reference, etc.) in order to present the person responsible with a concrete summary of the process to be released. Secondly, WebApp links can now also be sent via the "Extension of the "Waiting for Approval" module to include e-mail notification", which enables direct approval in the Web.

eCARNET A.T.A./C.P.D. electronic application with easyjob

We support the export from the bill of items in the appropriate format. If required, the file can be given a factor, edited and then simply uploaded to the relevant Chamber of Industry and Commerce or authority for further processing.

6.20 Running meter calculation for vehicles and means of transport

How many running meters are required for the current job or the entire project? Which vehicles can be used for this? easyjob uses various parameters, such as stackable, stack height, tippable, top weight, etc. to create the running meter calculation and displays this in the Bill of Items also as a 3D chart.

6.20 easyjob test environment- Tool for testing new functions

Have new versions and functions in easyjob tested conveniently by multiple users in the test environment. This new function is available from version 6.20. Users with the corresponding rights can connect at any time alternatively with the LIVE or TEST easyjob system.

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6.19 easyjob Project Dashboard replaces Overview

With its almost cult-like status, the Overview - known in easyjob circles as the 'holy circle' - provided reliable and graphic information about complications during a project and helped solve planning conflicts via menu control. The Project Dashboard can do much more, not only visually, as also the management of the individual areas and what exactly should be monitored can be set individually and intuitively. In addition, the Project Dashboard is also always present in the WebApp and in Teams.

6.19 Calculation replaces Cost Planner

Our completely new developed project calculation replaces the previous Cost Planner from this version. We have made numerous improvements and job and project cost plans as well as post calculation are combined into an attractive view. Please become familiar with the new functionality of this elementary easyjob component prior to the update!

6.19 Microsoft Teams

It is now possible for easyjob to communicate with Microsoft Teams! The presence status can always be seen in the easyjob communication menu, also when processing projects, jobs, orders, invoices etc. - and the chat is only a click away. For each project, a separate team can create a channel for targeted communication. The newly developed project dashboard, which displays the project status with configurable statuses in an App for Teams, makes project planning even more clear and more transparent in the future.

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6.19 Microsoft 365 integration

With the Azure / Microsoft 365 Integration, you can synchronize easyjob with numerous Microsoft 365 applications.

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easyjob 6.17 Report design: Change List & Label 23 to the new Version List & Label 27

From easyjob 6.17 you have the option to migrate your reports individually to a higher List & Label Version.

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Information on the vulnerability in the "log4j" component

easyjob and easyjob web services are not affected by the vulnerability because this component is not used.

easyjob 6.16 Venue Equipment Tracker

After loading items and devices in easyjob, transfer them digitally to the truck driver as a transport order, using the handover to the customer via scan and with a digital signature, as well as photo documentation and damage assessment? This is all possible with the new easyjob Venue Equipment Tracker module. The drivers simply use the free App on their smartphone. Complicated registration or user management is not necessary. Simply click the hyperlink created with easyjob and get going.

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easyjob 6.16 Barcode Info

Expand your item and device barcodes with the Barcode Info function! This provides all employees, customers and service providers working outside of the easyjob environment with useful information such as technical data, a contact for a service hotline, a quick guide for a device and much more on a WebApp website.

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easyjob 6.16 - easyjob Workflow now with push notification

Don’t miss anything! Easyjob Workflow messages can now be sent directly to a cell phone or browser. Do you urgently need a release for a purchase order, a budget or a purchase invoice? With the workflow push notification, the request can be sent directly to a cell phone even when the easyjob WebApp is closed.

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easyjob 6.16 digital signature

By connecting a hyper link to the digital signature on proposals,
confirming delivery notes via a Hyperlink, WebApp and Scanner
easyjob supports you in making your work paperless.

With a workflow, you can send the signed order confirmation or the signed delivery note directly and automatically to your customers.

easyjob 6.15 Controlling Center details for the new cash book

The cash book integrated in the Controlling Center makes it much easier to manage accounting procedures in easyjob:

- Link cash transactions with invoices and purchase invoices from easyjob
- Open invoices and purchase invoices directly from the cash book via a context menu
- Record a purchase invoice from the cash book
- Extensive log entries for creating and editing an entry
- Own cash book user right
- Create different cash book accounts
- Report template for the cash book
- Export data to financial accounting

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easyjob 6.15 Details about the new purchase orders

Our completely revised purchase order offers numerous new functions:

- New fields "Validity of request", "Latest delivery date", "Date of Order" and "Delivery date" with the related Navigator/easyjob Today views with various filters
- The manager and initiator of the purchase order can be entered
- Additional delivery address
- Enter multiple suppliers and send a request to them
- Additional user fields in the purchase order line item
- A purchase order can contain a purchase and sub-rental at the same time
- Automatically lock the sub-rental when the purchase order status is set
- New Cost Planner
- Setting if the editing of the purchase order should be “frozen” in the order request or purchase order status (e.g. with workflow release from a certain purchase order amount)
- Create partial deliveries for purchase orders (e.g. “Missing parts” or “Returns”)
- Trigger a purchase order directly from the Navigator view "Stock Level below target"

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