easyjob 6.15 - Details about the new purchase orders

Our completely revised purchase order offers numerous new functions:

- New fields "Validity of request", "Latest delivery date", "Date of Order" and "Delivery date" with the related Navigator/easyjob Today views with various filters
- The manager and initiator of the purchase order can be entered
- Additional delivery address
- Enter multiple suppliers and send a request to them
- Additional user fields in the purchase order line item
- A purchase order can contain a purchase and sub-rental at the same time
- Automatically lock the sub-rental when the purchase order status is set
- New Cost Planner
- Setting if the editing of the purchase order should be “frozen” in the order request or purchase order status (e.g. with workflow release from a certain purchase order amount)
- Create partial deliveries for purchase orders (e.g. “Missing parts” or “Returns”)
- Trigger a purchase order directly from the Navigator view "Stock Level below target"

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