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Workflow Engine

Installation and activation

Standard e-mail settings

Enabling push notifications for workflows

Creating a connection with SSL

Control the workflow via the WebApi interface

User settings

Workflow Administrator

Ignoring Blocking indicators

Workflow licensing

Individual Workflows


Workflow type



General Workflow

Workflow Time Recording


Trigger Event

Workflow definition

Workflow Instance

Trigger Mode

Workflow Manager

Log View

Workflow in Navigator and in easyjob Today

Workflow Notifications

Push Notifications

Workflow in easyjob processes

Workflow when booking, loading or unloading an item

Global Material Workflows


Purchase Order

Purchase invoice

Invoicing - Invoice

Workflow Definitions

Importing a Workflow

Workflow Designer


Variables for text modules

Formatting Numbers and Dates

Workflow glossary

Sample Workflow with Parameter Query (Dialog)

Example of a workflow for a batch activity

Standard Workflows

Job Workflow: Receive authorization to print a proposed job

Purchase Order Workflow: Requesting authorization from a superior to change a Purchase Order

Purchase Invoice Line Item Authorization Workflow

SharePoint Workflows

Controlling the SharePoint folder via workflow

SharePoint Workflow Modules

SharePoint Workflow example

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