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easyjob Scanner App

Functions no longer available

Further use of the previous barcode terminal

Hardware recommendation

Supported barcode terminals


Installation and configuration

Configuring easyjob services

Configure the Windows Firewall

Release of the necessary TCP Ports

Windows Firewall Configuration

Configuring a non-Windows firewall

easyjob program settings

Settings for mobile Devices

Assigning the license

Configuration password

Download the easyjob Scanner App

Various options for barcode processing


Keyboard emulation

Zebra Bluetooth barcode scanner - Android only

Intent action - Android only - (easyjob Version from and Android easyjob Scanner App from 6.0.9)

User rights and Login

User login

Scanner App Simulator

Simulator Settings

Controlling mobile Devices with easyjob

Improvements to warehouse conditions

Pen mode

Inactive pen mode characteristics

Active pen mode characteristics

Barcode scanner functions

Barcode processing

Acoustic message when scanning

Start screen

Customizing the view

Loading/Unloading Jobs

Loading Jobs

Using the loading and unloading function

List Views

Toggling manually between list views

Loading and unloading Transport Containers

Deactivate Assign Items to this Transport Container

Booking Items manually in a workshop activity

Loading and overloading unscheduled Items

Manually loading and unloading Items and Devices

Loading and unloading parts lists

Loading and unloading normal and optional associated Items

Loading and loading linked associated Items

Do not scan

Always scan

Scan on change

Update Master Data on Device change

Loading and unloading Items due for maintenance

Loading Items from multiple groups laden

Assigning sub-hired equipment

Track Item and availability

Checking out a Job

Manually checking out a Job

Quick Load or Adjusting Target Figures

Quick Load

Adjusting Target Figures

Printing the delivery note

Unloading Jobs

Unloading projects

Manual check-in

Checking in a Job manually

Quick unloading and missing Items

Quick Unload

Early return delivery

Early return delivery – create Job

Early return delivery – create partial delivery

Creating a missing Items Job

Invoicing a missing Items Job

Inclusion of expendable Items

Advanced barcode functions

Assigning a serial number

Numbers for barcodes

Filtering by Subsection when loading

Assign the Transport Container contents in the Master Data