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Getting started

Installation and updates

System requirements

Windows Client (Full use)

Web Client (Limited Features)

Mobile Client

Application server

SQL Server versions

Test environment

Creating a test database on a separate server

Backing up a current easyjob database


Creating the test environment in easyjob and later

Restoring the backup database for the test environment

Activating the test license

Creating the easyjob test environment using live data

Setting up the easyjob test environment services

Resetting easyjob services
Database backup
easyjob Server Service
Setting up easyjob services

Configuring the global data directory for the test environment

Client connection to the test server

Technical requirements
Database connection for a new installation
Changing a database connection on a client

Option, if the connection to the client does not work

Setting up the test environment from version

Setting up the test environment on test server from version

Installing a new backup in an existing test environment on the test server from version

Connecting the test environment with the client from version




Directory structure on the server and setup of webshop.xml

Processing incoming requests in easyjob

Sample structure of an ewsm file








Projects and Jobs



Time Card

TAPI interface

Installation and activation

User options

Company address


Report Designer

Important information for the migration from List & Label 23 to 27

Changed behavior of Group Header Lines

Operation and provision

easyjob system architecture

easyjob Clients

easyjob Services

Third-Party Services

easyjob Servermanager

SQL database

Installing the Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server Versions Upgrade

SQL Server database optimization

Database compatibility level

easyjob Services

easyjob Mobile Device service

easyjob web access service

easyjob print server

easyjob High Performance Scaler

easyjob Remote Session Enhancer (RSE)

Activating the Remote Session Enhancer

easyjob Remote Session Enhancer Client Installation

Configuring Exchange Sync

Configure the Windows Firewall

Share of the necessary TCP Ports
Windows Firewall Configuration

Configuring a non-Windows firewall

Synchronization with Outlook/Exchange Server/Microsoft 365


User settings for Synchronization

Exchange Server

Assigning Folder permissions

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Integration

Logged-in Microsoft 365 user

Microsoft 365 Synchronization

Microsoft Teams

Teams presence status in the easyjob Communication menu
Project Dashboard for Microsoft Teams
easyjob Project tab in Teams
Adding the easyjob App in Teams

Synchronization settings

Microsoft 365 synchronization settings

Office Integration

Information on setting up Office Integration
Office Integration selection options are grayed out
easyjob Toolbar is not visible in MS Office
MS Office 32 BIT installed
Microsoft 365 Office Integration
Installing a new add-in
Publishing an update for an existing Office Add-in

Document storage in SharePoint libraries

Interaction with Microsoft Teams

Interaction with OneDrive

Interaction with the Remote Session Enhancer (RSE)

Technical requirements

Influence SharePoint storage with List&Label

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