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Controlling Center

Installation and activation

Configuration and settings

User settings

Program Settings

Chart of accounts

Standard Expense Accounts

Standard Expense Account Categories

Rental Inventory and Purchase Order
Sales Inventory and Purchase Order

Standard Expense Account Resources

Standard Expense Account General Expenses

Standard Expense Account Job Cost Type

Additional Standard Expense Types

Details about additional standard expense types

Standard Purchase Invoice Line Item Expense Account
Standard Purchase Invoice Line Item Invoice Line Item Type
Project Expense Account
Sub-rental expense account
Manual Purchase Order Item Expense Account
Manual Sales Line Items Expense Account

Creating a cash book account

CC Workflow settings

Controlling Center Cockpit

Purchase Invoice Management

Main Data

Warning if the invoice number is the same

Line Items

Purchase Invoice Line Item Distribution

Service assignment (automatic)

Sub-rental or sub-rental item
Job Costs
Sales or Sales Line Items
Purchase Order Line Items

Corporate structure assignment via fuzzy logic

Create and assign a purchase invoice line item via fuzzy logic:

Service assignment (manual)

Service assignment -General expenses
Service assignment - User
Service assignment - Purchase order
Service assignment - Inventory
Service assignment - job costs
Service assignment - Project
Service assignment - resources
Service assignment - sales or sales line items
Service assignment - workshop
Service assignment - sub-rental or sub-rental item
Service assignment not known initially



Assignment of the purchase invoice

Processing a collective document

Assigning individual line items in the purchase invoice


Finalizing a Purchase Invoice

Overviews in Navigator and easyjob Heute

Purchase invoice overview

Further purchase invoice views

General expense management

Payment instructions

Investment planning

easyjob Business Information Center

Enhancement of the basis of computation

Data export to the accounting department

Project post calculation

Calculation Basis in job

CC Workflow process

Authorization workflow overview

Authorization workflow status in a project

Authorization workflow status in purchase invoice line items

Authorization workflow status in the purchase invoice

Authorization workflow status in the Navigator and easyjob Today

Authorize and reject assigned purchase invoices

Authorization from the project

Authorization from the purchase invoice

Authorization from the navigator

Alternative release workflows

Cash book

Opening the cash book

Adding a new month for cash book entries

Making cash book entries for an already added month

Creating an invoice as a cash book entry

Entering the purchase invoice as the cash book entry

Selecting the purchase invoice for the cash book entry

Creating a cash book entry in the purchase invoice

Creating a cash book entry upon payment receipt (invoicing)

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